Elessar Thiessen Shares “A Rainy Week In Paradise”


Newcomer to the site today is Elessar Thiessen, an outstanding singer-songwriter who really breaks the mold of the genre. His newest release, A Rainy Week in Paradise, proves to be a perfect reflection of his blues guitar skills, channeling the likes of John Mayer and Jason Mraz.

Hailing from Canada, the cold weather forced young Elessar to often stay inside. During that time he learned how to hone his guitar skills and work on his songwriter. Playing guitar since the impressive age of 8, he offers a unique approach to songwriting which shows on the new record. A Rainy Week in Paradise is filled with honest and inspiring songs, but also touches upon the dark side of life, and the uplifting measures that come about.

Each song on the new album truly outdoes itself. Thiessen’s knack for crafting intricate guitar songs shine through each piece. From the title track, “A Rainy Week in Paradise,” which is as gorgeous as it is uplifting, to the slow and piano laden “I Need a Woman,” Elessar shows his true range as not only a songwriter, but as a musician and record producer as well. Standout tracks also include the dreamy “You Girl,” which feature Alexa Dirks on co-vocals (heavenly!), and the vibrant and quirky “Truth,” which has the making of a Top 40 hit in my opinion.

Elessar Thiessen’s A Rainy Week in Paradise is a pleasant surprise from the norm, and definitely a must have for your Fall listening pleasure.

Listen to Elessar Thiessen “Truth” HERE

Watch the video for “Young Girl” HERE

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