bitter’s kiss Releases Self-Titled Debut


bitter’s kiss is the moniker of singer-songwriter Chloe Baker who hails from New Jersey. Growing up surrounded by music, she honed and maintained her musical skills, mostly due in part to the influence of her father who had a studio, guitar collection, a band, and was active in musical theater. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree they say, and in this case the saying is definitely right. Over the past several months, Chloe, aka bitter’s kiss, has worked with her father to record and produce a stunning and insightful collection of songs.

The content of the tracks are noteworthy and heartfelt, creating pieces that are not only musically enticing, but deep in subject matter as well. Her new self-titled record, bitter’s kiss, is the result of heartfelt experiences and life experiences, that are perfectly conveyed. Standout track, “The Rope,” was written about her distant cousin who recently committed suicide. Her deeply religious background, and the feeling of importance to be true to herself, help guide the song to the heavenly piece it became.

Each song on the record delivers a prominent story. For example on “Too Far Too Fast” the piece is the feelings of watching her older sister go off to college, and dealing with change. Though Chloe may be young in years, in content and in songwriting, she is far ahead. Taking pages from the book of prominent artists such as Regina Spektor, Nellie McKay and Carol King, it is safe to say that bitter’s kiss is an artist you will be hearing more of, and soon. Be sure to put this one on your radar!

Watch bitter’s kiss “The Rope” Here:

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