Hermes Release Two New Singles in April

Hermes, a group of young English chaps from the small town of Cirencester are fresh on the scene with a double A side, “Anyone Who Cares / More Love In Death” available on April 25.

“Anyone Who Cares” shares upbeat instrumentation with self conscious lyrics like “I wouldn’t know the truth if it hit me/ Wouldn’t know love until it bit me.” The synth line sparkles, the buildup to the chorus is adrenalin charging and everything culminates once the chorus sets in. The echoing backup vocals compliment the lead’s in this well rounded track.

“More Love in Death” features steady, perfectly subtle drums that is the driving beat throughout the song. The liberating message of this song, emphasized by the repeating lyric “You can let go,” is blanketed under a softer, more forlorn feeling evoked from the music and vocal style. “Anyone Who Cares” and “More Love in Death” are two distinct and significantly different tracks, when juxtaposed balance each other and show the range of capabilities from this young band.

Judging from these new singles, Hermes sounds like they’d out on an awesome live show, so let’s hope they tour the US in the near future.

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