The Spinto Band “Summer Grof” Live on Laundro Matinee

In a matter of hours, not only will I be seeing the Spinto Band live, but I will be interviewing the band. The interview will be up sometime this week. Also up this week will be a brilliant interview with Matt Pond PA so stay tuned. Before I leave for the night, I just wanted to post a great video I found from Its the Spinto Band performing ‘Summer Grof’, once again in an unconventional way, live in a tiny studio. They always find a way to bring a different light into each and every song. I love.

Watch the Spinto Band perform ‘Summer Grof’ from

Tilly and the Wall….on Sesame Street

I don’t know about you, but it seems that children’s shows have gotten a lot cooler since we were kids. Yes, I admit Captain Kangaroo was amazing, but face it, shows like Yo Gabba Gabba have Of Montreal, The Shins, and Datarock appearing just to name a few.

Oddly enough I guess Sesame Street feels like they need to play this toddler game as well. First they had Feist doing ‘1234’ and now they have recruited Nebraska’s own Tilly and the Wall to teach children the alphabet. And yes, they are  tap dancing. I’m sure I would have paid more attention when I was a kid if great indie bands were teaching me on TV, but then again, it would be some awful late 80’s act (which would be terrible). I never noticed though how much Tilly and the Wall dress like kids though. I am surprised they didn’t have to cover up any tattoos to be on the show. When did Sesame Street get to be so hip?

Check out Tilly and the Wall on Sesame Street on Team Love’s Vimeo

Architecture in Helsinki ‘That Beep’

Architecture in Helsinki has just announced that they are working on a new album possibly titled ‘Vision Revision’ which the band is currently working on during the Australian summer. AIH has released the first single, ‘That Beep’, exclusively through their new website and it will be available on iTunes in Australia on November 22nd. When it will be released in the States has not been announced yet. AIH has managed to continue their magical journey with ‘That Beep’ showing that they are still the poppy indie band we all love and know. At you can stream the song, watch the video, and download the Radioclit remix. I can’t wait to hear the whole record. They always have unexpected surprises thrown in there.


Architecture in Helsinki on Myspace

Ryan Adams’ Covers the Foo Fighters and Welcomes You to His Room

To me everything that Ryan Adams does is perfect. Every note he sings and plays gives me the chills. I have been reading Ryan’s blog for quite a while ( and somehow, I often think that what he writes on the blog was taken directly out of my own head. If I ever meet Ryan Adams I would have so much to say to him, though I think it would be more like me smiling at him and saying ‘Thanks.’

If you read Ryan’s blog, you already know that he was planning on doing a cover of the Foo Fighters’ ‘Times Like These’ on BBC. He was trying to perfect it, which he did and I actually enjoy it more than the original version. The only way to describe Ryan’s take on the song is haunting, for he manages to make the song sadder than it really intended to be. Maybe its because he brings more soul into it (in my opinion).

Ryan also posted on his blog today a in-hotel room version of ‘Natural Ghost’ which is unbelievable to say the least.

Download Ryan Adams’ cover of ‘Times Like These’

Watch the video for ‘Natural Ghost’ on Vimeo

Death Cab for Cutie “No Sunlight”

Death Cab for Cutie somehow always make rather awesome videos. The new video for ‘No Sunglight’ is no exception. The video features night goggle-esque vision, and people carrying out daily activities in the street that usually take place in the daytime (like washing your car, playing tennis, etc.) ‘No Sunlight’ was a great single chosen from their newest album ‘Narrow Stairs’ and I was surprised that it wasn’t the first song chosen. It is one of those songs that bring out the poppy side of Death Cab which is sometimes rare.

Watch Death Cab for Cutie’s video for ‘No Sunlight’

Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band “Souled Out!!!”

Sorry for my abscence the past couple of days (or 1 day). I had some major art projects I was finishing up. Tonight I am seeing Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band for the second time this year. I know that a lot of people have a love-hate relationship with Mr. Oberst, but I think he is one of the finest songwriters around.  Every song he writes feels like a novel, a well told story. Live, Conor and the boys are super tight, so I’m looking forward to seeing them again. Ben Kweller is opening, who I also heard is sort of putting out a country sounding record soon. It should be interesting to hear the new songs live. I wonder if Oberst and Kweller will do a duet tonight. Maybe. I heard last night they did ‘Ghostbusters’ together. Oh, oh my….

Check out Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band’s video for ‘Souled Out!!!’