Ryan Adams’ Covers the Foo Fighters and Welcomes You to His Room

To me everything that Ryan Adams does is perfect. Every note he sings and plays gives me the chills. I have been reading Ryan’s blog for quite a while (http://cave.cardinology.com/) and somehow, I often think that what he writes on the blog was taken directly out of my own head. If I ever meet Ryan Adams I would have so much to say to him, though I think it would be more like me smiling at him and saying ‘Thanks.’

If you read Ryan’s blog, you already know that he was planning on doing a cover of the Foo Fighters’ ‘Times Like These’ on BBC. He was trying to perfect it, which he did and I actually enjoy it more than the original version. The only way to describe Ryan’s take on the song is haunting, for he manages to make the song sadder than it really intended to be. Maybe its because he brings more soul into it (in my opinion).

Ryan also posted on his blog today a in-hotel room version of ‘Natural Ghost’ which is unbelievable to say the least.

Download Ryan Adams’ cover of ‘Times Like These’

Watch the video for ‘Natural Ghost’ on Vimeo