Secondhand Sunday: Sufjan Stevens “Put the Lights on the Tree”

We’re kicking the holiday week off with a charming secondhand Sunday with Sufjan Stevens! One of my favorite Christmas albums is Songs for Christmas, as it captures the holiday spirit without being cheesy or too off beat. Sufjan can make anything sound good, can’t he? Today’s video is for “Put the Lights on the Tree,” with a little cartoon band and Sufjan in tow. You got to love it. Also check out our Mixmas mix below! There’s more Sufjan there for you!

Mix: Songs About Snow and Winter

If you live in the greater North East, you know we are being attacked by snow right now. At least it is a good excuse to stay in and listen to some good music, right?  The crew here at Modern Mystery has put a little mix together for your wintery snow day. We hope you enjoy it.

Matt Pond PA- Snow Day
Elk City- Cherries in the Snow
The Secret Life of Sofia- Snow Room
Elf Power- The Winter is Coming
Fleet Foxes- White Winter Hymnal
Olivia Tremor Control- Frosted Ambassador
Ben Weaver- White Snow
The Leisure Society- On the Last of the Melting Snow
Snow in Mexico- You and My Winter
Otter Petter- Winter Days
The Lisps- The Winter That I Missed
The Arcade Fire- No Winter for a Year
Harlem Shakes- Winter Water
O’Death-Crawl Through Snow (Live)