Major Organ and the Adding Machine FINALLY Being Released

FINALLY ‘Major Organ and the Adding Machine’ is  set to be released! This is a huge project if you are a fan of indie music, most notebly the Elephant 6 Collective. The film which stars nearly most of the E6ers will be out this fall via Orange Twin Records. Previews were given during the winter season during the E6 tour holiday tour that took place. Getting a glimpse of the preview, I can’t imagine how amazing the rest of the film will be. Spacey? Yes, certainly but we wouldn’t have it any other way. The film stars everyone from Kevin Barnes from Of Montreal, along with brother and artist David Barnes,  to Neutral Milk Hotel’s Jeff Mangum. The dvd will be packed with the Major Organ cd that was released in 2001 and was a side project of Mangum and Julian Koster who is in The Music Tapes.

Watch the Trailer for ‘The Major Organ and the Adding Machine’

Mix: Songs About Snow and Winter

If you live in the greater North East, you know we are being attacked by snow right now. At least it is a good excuse to stay in and listen to some good music, right?  The crew here at Modern Mystery has put a little mix together for your wintery snow day. We hope you enjoy it.

Matt Pond PA- Snow Day
Elk City- Cherries in the Snow
The Secret Life of Sofia- Snow Room
Elf Power- The Winter is Coming
Fleet Foxes- White Winter Hymnal
Olivia Tremor Control- Frosted Ambassador
Ben Weaver- White Snow
The Leisure Society- On the Last of the Melting Snow
Snow in Mexico- You and My Winter
Otter Petter- Winter Days
The Lisps- The Winter That I Missed
The Arcade Fire- No Winter for a Year
Harlem Shakes- Winter Water
O’Death-Crawl Through Snow (Live)

A Modern Mystery Holiday Party with Sakamoto from Elekibass

Welcome to another installment of A Modern Mystery Holiday Party! Today we have Sakamoto from the incredible indie band from Japan, Elekibass. The band hopes to release their new record in the US in 2009, which we here at Modern Mystery can’t wait for. Elekibass has toured with the likes of Casper and the Cookies, of Montreal and Calvin Don’t Jump which is super impressive.

Here’s to more Elekibass in 2009!

Sakamoto’s Top Favorites in General for 2008

of Montreal/Gronlandic Edit
The apples in stereo/ if you want to wear a hat
Casper&the Cookies/Hey Mr. Superstar
The Olivia Tremor Control/Courtyard
From Bubblegum To Sky/Operation Big Beat
Josh Rouse/Sunshine (Come On Lady)
The Minders/The Loneliest Of Faces
Nick Lowe/Hope For Us All
Sean Lennon/Parachute
Shimmer Kids Underpop Association/Full Color Love Affair

Everysong is great!! every song is No,1

Best Thing that Happened to You in 2008

This year elekibass’s new album recording is finish!!!!! 
I want to release it in the USA. We will release it in japan next year in April.