The Spinto Band Team Up with Jonathan Mann to Create a Song a Day

As you all know, The Spinto Band is one of Modern Mystery’s most favorite bands around, so when they are involved in something new and exciting, hell we are on it. Spinto vocalists Nick Krill and Thomas Hughes are about to embark on a month long live recording project with musician friend Jonathan Mann. This venture will be something like you have never experienced before. It will involve audience participation (hey, that’s you!). Mann has been writing a song a day for nearly three years, and he is about to hit his 1,000th tune. Krill and Hughes will be producing Jonathan’s record this June in San Francisco, and trust us, it is far from conventional. The recording sessions have been funded completely by Kickstarter donations of nearly $13,000 as over 250 people have backed the project. You will also get to see what goes on in the studio 24/7 as there will be live web-streaming throughout the whole time. This obviously means hearing amazing tracks as they are getting put down (and possibly Super Smash Brothers challenges). Other musicians will also be involved in the collaboration from long distances as well which makes it super exciting as we have no idea who may appear. Nick Krill has stated that it will involve “various forms of audience participation,” and that sounds super cool to us. Who doesn’t want to be a part of rock n’ roll history? Every day will bring a new song in the month of June with an accompanying music video for each one. Yes, this sounds super ambitious, but you know they can pull it off flawlessly. There is no doubt about it.

You will be able to experience this glorious project starting tomorrow at Johnathan Mann’s site,

For more information on the project please go HERE.

Modern Mystery will be spreading the tracks and songs as they come along.