Sin Fang Bous Release Cover EP


Sin Fang, also known as Sindri Mår Sigfússon or half of the band Seabear, is prepping for the release of his new LP Summer Echoes. His solo project is an eerie mix of acoustic piano and guitar and an elfish sound, almost as if it was some sort of psychedelic pop. In order to prep the world for his music, Sin Fang is releasing a limited run 7-inch that includes two covers: Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” and Simon and Garfunkel’s “Only Living Boy in New York”. You can check out a video of Sin Fang on the piano singing Landslide below.

Voyaging with Seabear

Second time around,building fires, they’ve sailed back.  An Icelandic, indie-folk band, Seabear are pioneering their music over the Pacific coast of the United States. Modern Mystery got to catch up with the band during their quick stop in New York City and discuss the new material and their current ongoing tour.

What is the history behind the band’s name, who came up with it?

Sindri:It was something that I wrote in my sketchbook when I was living in London. It was some sort of stupid slang that these  British art school kids used.

How long did you live there for?

Sindri:Only about a year, I was planning to go to an art school in England, but I ended up going home to Iceland and finishing school back there, London is very expensive.

How has your music-making process changed since the beginning when Seabear first got together? Is it still the same?

Sindri:A lot of it was done piece by piece, I would record bits by myself, then we would all work on it. Other parts for drums we would record in a bigger professional studio, and then used mixed techniques to combine it all together. We didn’t really record it all at once, people would just come in and we would work on it. The newer material is more of everybody’s work.

What is different about your new material from the EP While The Fire Dieswhen compared to your album Ghost That Carried Us Away?

Sindri:It’s more of a band sound, some of the songs on the EP we actually played live before we put the record out. What tends to happen when you play the songs live, you play faster and louder, which for me is more fun, so a lot of the songs were influenced by the energy of the shows. We had some old songs that we took and worked on, re-recorded on it too.

How long did it take you to produce it? Are you satisfied with it?

Sindri:Well, the writing part didn’t take a long time, it was the recording that ended up being a bit long. We went back and re-adjusted some songs.For the next album we hope it moves a bit faster. I haven’t listened to it since we released it, because by the time we were done working on it, I was tired of hearing it. But in my mind, I’m happier with the EP, than with the first album.

This is your second time touring in the United States, what are your goals/preconceptions for this trip?

Sindri:Well, we’re doing more of a west coast this time. We also did SXSW.

How was it?

Sindri:It was great, very fun, we all really liked Austin. We were there for almost a week, then we went up to Washington D.C. We’re flying to Denver after this show in New York and then driving up the west coast and playing shows.

Is there a noticeable difference between the fans from Iceland vs. U.S.?

Halldór : We don’t have fans in Iceland!

Sindri: Our parents are our fans! (laughs)  No, in Iceland during  a lot of the shows, we get support from our friends and family, and to be honest I’m always more nervous when we play back home.

What is your favorite venue to perform at?

Sindri: There is a place in Berlin called People’s House, that was probably one of the best ones we played at, but it’s hard to say.

Describe your typical day while touring.

Seabear: Wake up pretty early, eat something, drive for many many hours, be late, unload stuff, soundcheck, eat, play, load back in, sleep, repeat.

Sounds, very monotone.

Guðbjörg: It is, but the highest point of course that keeps us going is playing the concert.

What albums have you been jamming to lately?

Sindri: A lot of The Fall and we all really enjoy listening to Beach House. Last time we were traveling in America we would always put on Bruce Springsteen. We always have a few songs we like to listen to when we’re having fun, we also like Wu Tang Clan.

What are the next places that Seabear want to tour/launch their music?

Guðbjörg: ASIA!

Sindri: We want to go to Japan, China, Thailand, you know, North Korea, haha!  But we also would really like to go to Australia.

-Viktorsha Uliyanova


Seabear Head On US Tour, A Remix Of “I’ll Build you A Fire” In Hand

Iceland isn’t all about Björk, Eyjafjallajökull and geysers and Seabear are right here to remind us of it. Sindri Már Sigfússon and his band mates are returning to the US for the last two weeks of October to give us a refresher of their second full-length We Built A Fire, out on Morr Music. Their trip will take them from New York to San Diego and will even include a shared bill with Blitzen Trapper.

In preparation for their return, Seabear have released a remix for the song “I’ll Build You A Fire” from the band FM Belfast who, as their name does not indicate, are also from Iceland. They bring in a smooth electronic vibe that takes the song from a graceful acoustic folk to a sweet track, perfect for warming up for the dancefloor.

Listen to it right HERE:

Here are their upcoming tour dates:
10/16 – New York, NY – Highline Ballroom
10/18 – Denver, CO – Larimer Lounge
10/19 – Salt Lake City, UT – Kilby Court
10/22 – Seattle, WA – Showbox (with Blitzen Trapper)
10/23 – Portland, OR – Mississippi Studios
10/25 – San Francisco. CA – Independent
10/26 – Los Angeles, CA – Troubadour
10/27 – San Diego, CA – Casbah

Sin Fan Bous to Tour with Mum

Relatively speaking, Iceland isn’t exactly a breeding ground for notable new music. But among the few underground acts emerging from the island country is experimental pop act Sin Fang Bous, who seems to be on a mission to change that.

Bous, whose real name is Sindi Mar Sigfusson,will be making his North American tour debut in October with Mum,  in support of his debut album Clangour (Morr Music). The tour which runs for about two weeks, makes a stop at CMJ on the 24th at Le Poisson Rouge. Clangour is filled with beautiful sounds, both musically and vocally, that will capture you at first listen. Sigfusson also plays in Seabear, making this is his first solo album.

Listen to Sin Fang Bous’ first single, ”Catch the Light”

Sin Fang Bous On Tour with Múm

10/21 Somerville, MA (US) – The Somerville Theatre (w / Múm)
10/22 Philadelphia (US) – First Unitarian (w / Múm)
10/23 Washington DC (US) – Black Cat (w / Múm)
10/24 New York (US) – Le Poisson Rouge (w / Múm)
10/26 Montreal (CA) – Le National (w / Múm)
10/27 Toronto (CA) – Phoenix Concert Theatre (w / Múm)
10/28 Chicago (US) – Logan Square (w / Múm)
10/29 Minneapolis (US) – McGuire Theater (w / Múm)
11/01 Calgary (CA) – Marquee Room (w / Múm)
11/02 Vancouver (CA) – Richards on Richards (w / Múm)
11/03 Seattle (US) – Showbox at the Market (w / Múm)
11/04 Portland (US) – Aladdin Theater (w / Múm)
11/05 San Francisco, CA (US) – The Independent (w / Múm)
11/06 Los Angeles (US) – El Rey Theatre (w / Múm)
11/07 Santa Ana (US) – Yost Theatre (w / Múm)