KIDS IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING!!! Just confirmed last night that PAVEMENT IS PLAYING 4 NIGHTS AT CENTRAL PARK SUMMERSTAGE in 2010 as part as the PAVEMENT REUNION TOUR. We all knew it would happen someday when the Godfathers of Indie would reunite, but now knowing it’s actually for real is just beyond our wildest imagination. The band is also rumored to be playing All Tomorrow’s Parties and Coachella in 2010. We have a feeling this tour is going to be HUGE. Summer Babe here we come!!!


Stephen Malkmus Talks to Pitchfork about The Jicks’ Future

Though Stephen Malkmus seems in denial that a Pavement reunion will ever happen, at least his future with The Jicks is stable. Malkmus recently did an interview with Pitchfork talking about the near end of the Pavement reissues, The Jicks in general and the dreaded ‘So when is Pavement going to reunite?’ question. 2009 actually marks the 20th year anniversary of Pavement’s first EP, Slay Tracks (1933-1969). Its so hard to believe they started that long ago….though Stephen Malkmus, you’ve never looked so young.

Read Pitchfork’s interview with Stephen Malkmus HERE

Watch one of our all time favorite Malkmus performances, the video for ‘Discretion Grove’, off his first solo record.

Pavement Reunite! (for about 15 minutes, literally)

I have always hoped for the day when the news would arrive that Indie Godfathers, Pavement were reuniting.  I often consider going to Mark Ibold’s place of work (he works in a resturant in NYC) and trying to talk to him  about ‘How we can rebuild Pavement’. Well, I ALMOST had it this time!

Pavement reunited at  Bob Nastanovich’s Nashville wedding where all members were in attendence. Stephen Malkmus, Ibold, and Steve West took to the stage as Malkmus performed “Come and Get Your Love” and The O’ Jays “Love Train.”  WOW. That must have been a site to see. By the end of the night the Pavement boys were onstage, not performing with each other, but just there together. I guess its been too long since they’ve played together to play actual Pavement songs. Whether or not Pavement will ever actually reunite is up in the air, but fingers crossed! Ibold we need to talk…..

A short clip of Malkmus Performing at Bob’s Wedding

An oldie but goodie Pavment video, Gold Soundz