Yeah Yeah Yeahs Announce Secret Show for Tomorrow Night (9/22) in Brooklyn

This week marks the 10 year anniversary of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. To celebrate, the band has decided to put on a special surprise show that will take place tomorrow night, Wednesday 9/22, at Monster Island Basement in Brooklyn. Yes we know it’s like the tiniest place ever for them to be playing, but that’s exactly what they are going for here.

The band left this statement about the show:

“Happy Birthday YYYS! This week marks 10 years since YYYs played our first small club show in the big city! Our birthday wish is to play a show as small or smaller than back in the day and get NOSTALGIC with our friends Todd P and Secret Project Mighty Robot on September 22. So dust off your Machine EPs or maybe give Yeah New York! a whirl because we’re digging up some oldies but goodies, heavy on the early catalogue. It’s back to basics, just the three of us and a couple hundred of you. Accommodations will be tight so we’d like to apologize in advance to those who want to be there but don’t get in, we thank you for humoring us with this selfish wish to make it so puny!”

The show is ALL AGES and tickets are $20.
They go on sale at SECRET PROJECT ROBOT on Tuesday September 21 (TODAY) between 6-8pm ONLY!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Maps” (Atlas remix) by ModernMysteryBlog

Secondhand Sunday, Interpol ‘PDA’

It seems like only yesterday when we first heard of a little band from New York called Interpol. The band exploded onto the scene in the wake of the ‘NY Garage Revival’ that started in 2001 along with other bands like The Strokes and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Always compared to Joy Division, Paul Banks and the boys make a sound of their own free of imitations. Interpol, still going strong, haven’t changed much in sound throughout the years, but we can’t help but go back and see where it all began. “PDA” was the band’s first single on Matador Records and gained the band instant success making them known as indie rock staples and artsy fellows.

Enjoy Interpol’s “PDA”