Lily Allen ‘The Fear’

I’ve never been a fan of Lily Allen. Not because  I didn’t like her music, but basically because I never had an excuse to listen to her. Sunday night while coming back from The Miniature Tigers show (review up this week!), I picked up a copy of Spin to read on the train ride home. It was the only half decent thing lying around. Miss Allen was on the cover and I thought I’d give her a chance.

Lily opened up about boys, drugs and alcohol and how she was trying to ‘better herself’. From there I kind of grew a respect for this sad girl trying to make her life normal. Yesterday I had caught her video for ‘The Fear’ which is off her newest record ‘Its Not Me, Its You’.  Both video and song are very intriguing. ‘The Fear’  seems like it ventures away from the last record and I must say, the song sounds very sweet. The video matches it with pastel colors, dancing boys and balloons. Lily Allen, I think you’ve got a new fan.

Watch the video for ‘The Fear’