The Drums ‘Let’s Go Surfing’

How have I gone the whole summer without hearing The Drums ‘Let’s Go Surfing’? The infectious band from Brooklyn who started to earn a buzz after CMJ 2008 are breaking out even more outside of the New York area. The band will be playing Insound’s 10th Year Anniversary party with Cymbals Eats Guitar on Thursday night in Brooklyn, and the band is also slated to played CMJ on October 21st at Santo’s House Party. ‘Let’s Go Surfing’ is by far the catchiest song I’ve heard in a while and it will surely have you hooked.  Jonathan Pierce and Adam Kessler also played in the short lived band, Elkland, who released one album on Columbia before splitting up. The Drums seem to be going further than Elkland ever has….and we like it.

The Drums  release their first EP on September 15th.

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Watch The Drums ‘Let’s Go Surfing’