Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band ‘Slowly (Oh So Slowly)’

Yes this is the new album cover!

Yes this is the new album cover!

Conor and the boys are back for a second time with their newest upcoming release Outer South due out next month on Merge. Yes, there has been a few complaints that the new Conor project isn’t really reflective of Bright Eyes, but who said it had to be? Oberst is more poetic and honest than ever…and not to mention there is a bit more ‘pep in his step’ if you will. The band just released a new single on their site titled ‘Slowly (Oh So Slowly)’ which continues with the spirit of their first record.

Listen to the stream of the new song at The Mystic Valley Band Website

On a Conor Oberst note, The Killers have just covered a version of Bright EyesCassadega. Right now you can only view it on Youtube. Its a really interesting take on the song.  It will appear on their Spaceman EP due out next month on Island.