Real Estate Tells Us “It’s Real.” Makes a Cute Video with a Bunch of Dogs.

We freakin’ love this band, Real Estate. Who doesn’t? Days is one of our favorites of the year and the band has finally released a video for the epic single “It’s Real,” featuring a ton of cute doggies. What’s not to love here? Triple threat! “It’s Real.” Watch it. Now. With your dog.

OK Go Are Back With Another Awesome Video

OK Go seem to know how to capture the attention of the Youtube crowd.

After bursting onto the scene with “Here It Goes Again” (almost 4 million views on Youtube) and “This Too Shall Pass” (17 million views…17), the group is back with another catchy song combined with a great video.

“White Knuckles” is a pretty good song on its own. Adding dogs (like most other things) only makes it better.

You can check out what I mean in the video below. The group has also joined with the ASPCA to found the “Rural Dog Rescue Fund” which you can check out here.

If you’re wondering how they got the dogs to do all that, they went through four pounds of dog treats…a day.