Like or Like Like: Foreign Born

Summer always needs a good band that brings the best out of the season; Foreign Born does it for me. Just when you think you may possibly die of heatstroke and if you live in California you know the intensity that I am talking about, you turn to a Foreign Born track and it all seemingly becomes cooler. The group came together in the Bay Area circa 2003 and soon after, ventured into the underground music scene of Los Angeles where they now reside. When I think of Foreign Born, I think “tropical.” I don’t mean that they’re fruity but that their music conveys a global influence. The group is quite fond of incorporating global music genres into their music such as African rhythms and Latin folk. They use anything from bongos to banjos to maracas. The combination of all the different flavors results in something so irrevocably tasteful. Their newest album ‘Person To Person’ is the greatest example and measure of this group’s ability. Being that I live under the blistering hot sun, I have the album on constant replay. The clash of singer/guitarist Mark Noseworthy and the instrumentals transports you to a much breezier coastal region that can bring you sanity during wicked times as these. If their sound appeases you and you want to travel father outside of the U.S. borders, then check out the group’s other band, Fool’s Gold. This group heavily emphasizes the diversity of their instruments as they produce Kenya and island inspired songs. Foreign Born is definitely a group you can’t ignore; they bring so much to the musical table. Recommended tracks: “Early Warnings” “That Old Sun” “Winter Games”

Watch Foreign Born’s ‘Winter Games’