‘Can I Be Frank?’ is the Catchiest 90’s Inspired Pop Rock Album to Date

The nostalgic 90’s pop rock band from Washington DC, Dear Daria, is all about the fun in life and music. This “choose your own adventure” band with Maryjo Mattea on vocals, keys and guitar, Eamonn Donnelly on bass, Joshua Hunter on guitar, and Scott Manley on drums, was formed back in 2018 after the demise of Maryjo’s last project. In case you were wondering, their band name is inspired by the animated series, Daria.

“We love how cynical, snarky, and smart the character Daria was; her spirit resonates with us,” says Maryjo. “There’s a sincerity, a sweetness, and a silliness in 1980s and 1990s pop culture that we tap into as songwriters,” Eamonn Donnelly details. Josh Hunter adds: “We strive for a balance with being nostalgic, but also saying something genuine with our songs.”

They just released their debut pop rock album, Can I Be Frank? The album has strong 90’s pop rock sounds like Paramore, The Donnas, and No Doubt. Their playfulness is evident as well. “Delaware” was inspired by Wayne’s World and “John Hughes” is an ode to the great director and was inspired by the many movies of John Hughes. They explore their punk-rock and punk-pop side too. “Dopamachine” is their punk-pop song about the dependence we have on technology. It has a Panic! at the Disco meets Weezer vibe to it. The song “Wish Her Luck” is a punk-rock song about overcoming your fears with a Green Day and Counting Crows energy.

“Best Life” and “The Real World” offer the most pop-like and modern pop rock feeling, with “The Real World” showing their range with instrumentation. The acoustic guitar is the lead for this single about change. “Will Not Back” down is an anthem of power-pop genius. Upon listening, you feel the dopamine rushing through your body.

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Dear Daria are the perfect purveyors of tuneful heart-on-sleeve alt-rock. With an assured artistic identity, a debut album filled with sharp hooks, and the pandemic lifting, nothing can stop Dear Daria now. “I can’t believe we’ve never played out as Dear Daria. I can’t wait to get out there,” Josh enthuses. “We’ve persevered through so many obstacles and challenges, and we can now breathe a sigh of relief and build some momentum.” Maryjo says. 

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Dear Daria to Host an Album Release Show Following the Premiere of their Album ‘Can I Be Frank?’

Featuring Lightmare, North by North, and KINDA EVIL

The pop rock band Dear Daria is set to release their debut album, Can I Be Frank?, on Friday, May 27th. On Sunday, they will perform live at the Pie Shop in Washington D.C. for their album release at 8pm. They will perform alongside the soul-punk band Lightmare, Chicago-based rock and roll duo North by North, and blues rock band KINDA EVIL.

Dear Daria is a “choose your own adventure” pop rock band, blending elements of power pop, indie rock, and pop punk. They’ve been compared to Paramore, Rilo Kiley, and The Donnas. This diverse musical melting pot is composed of Eamonn Donnelly on bass, Joshua Hunter on guitar, Maryjo Mattea on vocals, keys and guitar, and introducing Dan ABH on drums (Scott Manley provided the drumming for the recording of Can I Be Frank?). They were voted WAMMIE Finalists in 2022 for Best Rock Song and Best Rock Artist/Group.

Pie Shop is an independent woman-owned Washington D.C. legacy small business, baking some of the D.C. area’s favorite pies since 2010 & rebranded in 2020. Pie Shop is also an independent live music venue dedicated to supporting the D.C. area’s vibrant local music & arts community. 

Show Details:

Date: Sunday May 29th, 2022

Venue: Pie Shop

Address: 1339 H ST. NE WASHINGTON, DC 20002

Doors / Tickets: 7:30 PM / $12

Purchase tickets ahead of time here:

More About Lightmare

Lightmare is a six-person soul-punk arrangement out of Washington, D.C. making songs about love, death, and revolution, overlapping and in any order. Smooth and sharp, warm and galvanizing, punchy, political and personal. Their set is guaranteed to get your body moving and your feelings flowing.

More About North by North

Formed in 2012, North by North is the rock & roll dream of two weirdos from Chicago. Their music has been forged through years of teen angst, twenty-something alienation, sleeping in vans and living on a stage. Anchored by syrupy hooks, roaring guitar and bombastic drums, North by North produces a huge sound that has captivated thousands of people over hundreds of performances and festivals across three countries. Since 2016, Nate Girard (guitar, vocals) and Kendra Blank (drums) have performed at over 800 shows throughout the US, Canada and UK.


In the Spring of 2022, KINDA EVIL rose from the ashes of DC band Dad Legs – Amanda Dove (vocals & guitar), Nolan (guitar), and Mason Henry (bass) – with the addition of heavy artillery drummer Christopher Peli. Weaving a darkly potent blend of blues, garage, punk, and rock & roll, this four-piece gets the blood pumping with their electrifying stage presence, big hooks, soaring guitars, and explosive grooves, appealing to fans of The Dead Weather, Priests, and All Them Witches.

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