The Spinto Band @ The Bell House, Brooklyn, NY- January 30, 2010


 There is nothing better on a cold winter’s night in New York than heading to the cozy yet utterly hip Bell House in Brooklyn. On what seems like the  coldest night of the year, one of the hottest indie bands managed to roll into town. That’s right. The Spinto Band. Six young guys who will blow your mind when they take the stage. Seeing this band live is like witnessing a piece of history that would be a shame if you missed it.

“This is our first show of the year,” announced singer and bassist Tom Hughes. Though for most bands that would signal that the show would be a bit rusty, the Spintos don’t even come close. Immediately launching into the first song, “Later On,” the crowd was already dancing at the first note. One amazing thing about the band is that their vocals harmonize brilliantly together, and it’s really a treat to see on stage. The set that night, as they were opening for Field Music, was a shorter Spinto set, but it’s safe to say that they stole the show. They grabbed older songs out of their roster like the classic “Oh Mandy,” and “Brown Boxes,” which means yes, the mandolin and kazoos came out, and they never sounded so good. The band also showcased a new song that singer and guitarist Nick Krill said was a bit of calypso inspired. Tracks from Moonwink (Park the Van) which are always personal favorites of mine like “Summer Grof,” and “The Carnival,” were highlights of the show. The Spintos also grabbed the charming yet slightly haunting Krill penned tune “Jackhammer,” from the Slim and Slender EP, as well as the extremely fun EP cover of “Brazil.” The amount of energy that the band put’s into their live show, even as an opener, is more than most indie bands combined. They’re having fun, and the fans are right along with them mouthing every word. There were definitely a good deal of people at the show who were there just to catch the Spintos, which is beyond amazing. It’s nice to see a band that is so genuinely into the music that it shows the second they walk onto the stage. The Spinto Band examplifies that rock n’ roll isn’t about the thrills and frills, it’s about the music itself; and they love every last bit of it. So do we.


Spinto Band to Release New Ep and CMJ Date Added!


Modern Mystery favorites The Spinto Band are set to release the EP follow up to last year’s Moonwink titled Slim & Slender (Park the Van) on October 6th. With three new songs by the band plus one incredible cover of Ary Barroso’s ”Brazil,” this album is one of the catchiest releases of the year. If you recall the band performed this song during their last Freakend dates.

As Nick Krill and Tom Hughes switch off on their classic vocals, this is one indie record that will have you dancing. The standout track on the album is ‘Keep Them Alive,” which is equally haunting and poppy. ”Jackhammer” is a rather soft song for the band but still it maintains those incredible Spinto harmonies that we know and love. It shows a more mature side of the band and it resembles a bit of late Pavement.

Closing the EP is ”Thayer Function” which is primarily instrumental with some very sparse vocal. This is a leap for the band as they have never tried something like this before.

The Spinto Band have also announced recently that they are playing the Park the Van showcase at CMJ this year in Brooklyn, and they have extended their fall tour dates. Be sure to catch them on the road, you’ll be sorry you missed them!

Tour Dates:

September 16– NPR’s The Sound of Young America Live at Adrienne Theater-Philiadelphia, PA

September 19– Jam on the Brandywine at Myrick Conservation Center-West Chester, PA

October 21- Johnny Brenda’s-Philadelphia, PA

October 22– TT the Bear’s-Cambridge,MA

October 23– Union Hall-Brooklyn, NY

October 24– Rock ’N Roll Hotel-Washington DC

October 25- Local 506-Chapel Hill, NC

October 27-Grey Eagle Tavern-Asheville, NC

October 28 – The Earl-Atlanta, GA

October 30– Park the Van Records 5th Anniversary Celebration at the Marigny Theatre-New Orleans, LA

November 2– The Basement-Nashville, TN

November 3 -The Bishop-Bloomington, IN

November 4– Schuba’s-Chicago, IL

November 5– Illini Union Courtyard Cafe-Urbana, IL

November 6 – The Pike Room at Crofoot-Pontiac, MI

November 7– Garfield Artworks-Pittsburgh, PA