YACHT Remixes ‘Fruitcake’ By The Superions

Fred Schneider, frontman of the B-52s, and his group The Superions, have released a Christmas album, titled Destination Christmas. This hilarious album debuted #13 on Billboard Magazine’s Top Comedy Albums chart. Out of respect for The Superions, Portland duo YACHT have remixed the song “Fruitcake” for your listening pleasure.

  The Superions – Fruitcake yacht remix by nmcollins

New Collisions’ Debut Video

Boston’s New Collisions are (finally) releasing their first music video off of their lauded album The Optimist, with the track “Dying Alone.”

The band, which have already toured with Blondie and the B-52’s, filmed the video in a pretty fascinating way.

The group took seven days to film on some of the most popular spots in New York City, which in itself is not too unique. However, the group played their song verrry slooowly, so that when the tape was sped up, it looks like they are playing normally while everyone around them is at warp speed.

Check it.


New Collisions – Dying Alone from Light Matter Films on Vimeo.