The Video for AP Tobler’s “Blunt Force” Encapsulates the Meaning of the Single

Post-punk, alternative rock star, AP Tobler, just released their latest official music for their recent hit, Blunt Force. This video perfectly encapsulates the hurt and anger portrayed in the song, with a strong narrative, and pleasing visuals. 

Tobler states that this video was a family affair, as the video itself was directed and filmed by their father, as well as their mother and brother working on graphics, concept, and securing location sites. This video hints at this nostalgia of losing a close friend at an early age, with shots from a childhood bedroom. There is no doubt this video will hit close to home upon giving it a watch. 

Tobler describes the video as “the story of a close friend suddenly ending our friendship without warning. The video depicts me aggressively releasing the anger and hurt associated with this traumatic event.” It is clear through this new video that the visuals seamlessly connect with the themes of this track. 

With influences such as Nirvana, Green Day, and Weezer, there is no doubt this new video will not leave banging your head in awe of AP Tobler’s honesty, and rawness throughout.

Watch “Blunt Force” here:

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“Hit and Run” Shares the Message of Growth and Change Within Ourselves

Zack King, the young Minnesota musician, is not afraid to get real in his newest single “Hit and Run.” He isn’t afraid to get personal and vulnerable when it comes to his music, and “Hit and Run” is no different. This song in particular is about growth and the strength and bravery it takes to move forward rather than desperately hold onto the past. Zack shares that “trying to hold on to who you used to be can be toxic, especially when you don’t recognize that person anymore. Looking in the mirror and seeing a new person can be scary, but also rewarding. Why not give the new you a chance and see what good can come from it?” People evolve all the time. Zack asks whether you want to embrace who you become.

Zack just released the music video for “Hit and Run” which is a wonderful visualization of this journey. While this story is based on Zack’s own experience, he uses his knowledge to help others grow. This acoustic style pop meets grunge song is for those who don’t like who they’ve become. Zack, for example, felt lost and alone after graduating college and turned to drugs and alcohol to try and find who he was. On top of that, he treated the people he loves the most poorly. After time, all of these bad habits and behaviors towards himself and others made him realize that he no longer recognized the person staring back at him in the mirror. He became unrecognizable to himself. So, he set out to change for the better.

While he doesn’t like who he was looking back, he accepts it and sees that it wasn’t all bad. It was part of his journey and he was able to learn and grow as a person. “It’s okay to move on from a past life, especially when it will benefit you, and those around you,” Zack shares. “Don’t be afraid to take that leap from who you used to be, to who you want to become.”

Watch “Hit and Run” here:

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