Fujiya & Miyagi Release Music Video for “16 Shades of Black and Blue”

“16 Shades of Black Blue” is the newest release from alternative/electronica indie band Fujiya & Miyagi. Debuting as the first single off of upcoming album Ventriloquizzing, promises to be the most diverse of their albums so far. “We wanted to make a record that was different from anything we had done before,” says singer/guitarist David Best.

Much like other ground breaking bands like the Gorillaz, Fujiya & Miyagi use alternate personas- cleverly disguised dummies resembling themselves. With one look of the video, it is easy to see how the dummies add to the already cryptic and creepy slow pulse of the song. The whispered vocals cut in and out repeating over and over the chorus of the song as a man moves about in the shadows.

Check it out for yourself below.