Musique Noire Connects with The Younger Musical Generation in their Album ‘intergenerational’

Musique Noire is the Detroit based all female jazz fusion group. Members Michelle May (violinist and flutist), Leslie Deshazor (violist), JoVia Armstrong (percussionist), and Leah Lucas (violist and violinist), are all accomplished musicians who have performed with high-profile artists such as Stevie Wonder, KEM, and Aretha Franklin. The group’s name reflects their interest in jazz and world music, and their music is informed by the culture of Black people.

Musique Noire’s latest album, intergenerational, showcases the band’s signature jazz and world music fusion sound with a unique twist. The album is a collaboration with three talented up-and-coming musicians, who were asked to write based on their experiences as women or from a woman they admired. The result is an eclectic mix of tracks, each with its own story to tell.

Intergenerational opens with Leslie’s arrangement of the traditional spiritual “Motherless Child,” which incorporates African-style rhythms. Leah’s original composition, “Kaleidoscope,” is a beautifully crafted jazz tune, written by her husband John, who is a pianist, drummer, and composer. JoVia’s contribution, “Nirvana – Feast or Famine,” features lyricist Mahogany Jones and explores themes of Afro-futurism. Michelle’s “Cuban Sunset (Arterdercer Cubano)” is an entirely improvised tune that showcases her violin and flute playing skills.

The impressive collection of tracks reveals the unique talents of Musique Noire and their collaborators. The band believes in leaving a legacy and wanted to have a unique way to reach out to a younger generation.

The album’s sophisticated sound and unique arrangements of world, jazz, soul, and R&B traditions make it a must-listen. With a nomination for a 2023 Detroit Music Award for Outstanding World Recording, Musique Noire continues to prove that they are a force to be reckoned with.

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