Mark Westin’s “Tales” is an Insightful Release

Mark Westin’s “Tales” is an album filled with character-driven narratives, akin to a collection of short stories. You have the option to follow the sequence from start to finish or pick and choose the ones that pique your interest at the moment, then come back for more later.

Recorded at The Building in Marlboro, New York, “Tales” was a product of Mark’s desire to make a classic album with a band after the solitary recording process of Covid. The Restless Age, consisting of talented musicians who have worked with several prominent artists, joined him on this project.

To ensure that the album sounded fresh and spontaneous, Mark gave the band only basic outlines of the songs, allowing them to rely on their first instincts. They played together live, and most songs were captured in no more than three takes.

The album was recorded in two days, with only a few overdubs, including a fiddle part by Sara Milonovich and a bodhran from Scott MX Turner, along with some backing vocals and guitar parts. The majority of what you hear on the album is the band’s initial or second performance of the song.

Tales is available on all major streaming services and as a vinyl album, CD, or high-quality digital download on Bandcamp.


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