Modern Mystery Mixtape – Indie Jams 1-30-2023

Your daily dose of indie goodness! Dive into these epic tracks below!

Stephanie Phillips –  “Carousel of Hope”

Manuel SD – “Tonight (I Can’t Find My Mind)”

IRYS – “Waiting Syndrome”

Britta Pejic – “Between the Tines”

LOMNOUV – “Les Fourmis”

Riverfields – “The Darkest Hour”

Crispus Attucks and the Love Muskets – “Closer”

Borderline Natives – “Coming Home”

CIAN – “Far From Home”

JF – “Alhabu”

Koalra – “Center of the World”

Frank Black – “Kick Back and Relax”

The Kofrim – “Memory Loss”

Adt – “This Life is Not Mine”

Dean Pilling – The Mountain 

Darcey Flo – “Merry Christmas”

Wes Bowers – “The Night Was Young”

Boden Bender – “My Crosshair”

Kevin Kennedy III – “Second Guessing”

Nicholas Allen – “Nothin’ 2 Somethin’”


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