Puppets of Castro’s “Living the Dream” is Witty and Catchy

Puppets of Castro is the Los Angeles-based musical project of Andrew Lorand. An eclectic satirist and keen observer of the humor and pathos found around the darker edges of the human condition, Puppets of Castro takes his listeners on an often humorous, and often contemplative ride.

His song, “Living The Dream,” comes from his album, Nude Descending an Elevator. It’s got a great, catchy hook that immediately grabs your attention, and the song contains seven musical references from rock classics. See if you can find them all.

“My first band was the Kiwi’s, back in 5th grade, though technically in 3rd grade I was a member of the 007s, and we had only one song  (we would lip sync to ‘Wipeout’, which of course was an instrumental). Nobody looked at us and thought these guys are really going places,” quips Puppets of Castro. “This song is for all the bands and musicians who stuck with it long after dreams of riding in limos, appearing on The Midnight Special, and getting their Star on Hollywood Blvd. had faded.”

Connect with Puppets of Castro and stream his music via:

Bandcamp / Facebook / YouTube / Spotify / Website


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