Vibi Intrigues with “Nights Like This”

Vibi is the alias of Canadian-born pop singer and dynamic vocalist, Valerie Borghesi, who has been making a statement through her intense energy performance, red hot aesthetic, and impressive vocal abilities. Championed by her hometown, VIBI took home awards in the “Best Female Vocalist” and “Adult Contemporary Artist” categories at the 2020 Niagara Music Awards. 

Her new single, “Nights Like This,” has already had a huge impact ahead of its official release. VIBI performed it in front of 60k people when she opened for Bryan Adams, it won in the Pop Category for the John Lennon Songwriting contest, and it got her accepted with a scholarship into the LAAMP (Los Angeles Academy for Artists and Music Production) program.

At the end of summer 2019, Vibi was commuting 2 hours to and from Toronto for various co-writing sessions. It had been a whirlwind summer, new friends, a new fling and very little sleep. On one particular night, the writing session she had booked was canceled due to the producer having a scheduling conflict. Not about to let that roadblock put out her fire, she opened up my laptop to test her production skills. 

From that session, she ended up writing “Nights Like This” in about 30 minutes and sent a bounce to her drummer, Daniel Nicoletti. When he sent back the groove with more drums and bass, they knew they had something special. It’s crazy to think that this song almost didn’t happen – sometimes good things come from canceled plans! 

“I want this song to feel like a good cry,” Vibi explains. “While you’re in it, it’s intense and you might even pity yourself a bit, but by the end of it you feel empowered in owning your feelings.”


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