Taylor Simpson is “Holding On”… and we are too!

Taylor Simpson is an indie folk-rock singer songwriter from Toronto. Unafraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, his unabashed and vulnerable lyrics create deep connections with listeners. His songs bristle with acoustic and electric guitar, steady drums and potent lyrics which leave audience members in a state of nostalgia whilst dancing, singing and clapping along.

The latest single speaks about depression and its accompanying dark emotions Simpson has battled these last couple of years. Reeling from the pandemic, job loss, a break-up, and alcohol addiction, “Holding On” captures feelings of emptiness and anger. But he turns that frustration on its head and comes out on top. “I’ll keep holding on” is the powerful main melody and hope-instilling message. 

His EP, New Sights in a Familiar Place, is set to come out November 18th; a continuation of the concept and storyline from his debut LP, Learning to Live with Precious Time.


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