Jane Jensen’s Two New Singles Are a Captivating Pair

Jane Jensen’s aesthetic encapsulates the glitz and glamour of the 1970’s variety shows consumed by rock and roll, poetry, and electronic music. While her mind and music tend to wander in many directions, her love for industrial music is the thread that weaves it all together.

Her new album, Changeling, consists of 2 new singles, the industrial alt rock “Changeling” and the industrial pop-punk “Revolution Maker,” each with a Dark Wave and Synth Pop remix. They are sister songs with “Changeling” contemplating rebirth and self-transformation and “Revolution Maker” acknowledging a failed state and calls for the universal hero.

Listen here:

“I wrote ‘Changeling’ and re-wrote it again and again until I felt it hit that emotional spot I needed to fill,” shares Jane. “The song means a lot to me for my own development as a person and as a producer. ‘Revolution Maker’ was a collaboration with Marc and Eric Klee Johnson. They invited me to be a back-up singer in their New Wave band back when I was in high school. The rest is history. Writing music is a magical process but working with dear friends is pure icing.”

Connect with Jane Jensen via:
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