apollonio Dives Deep on “Moonta Bay”

Swallowed by OCD for the better part of a decade, it was in the solitude of the pandemic that Marc Apollonio discovered himself again. Years had disappeared into the mental disorder and his marriage broke up… but there he was, in a city silenced by COVID-19, starting to return to himself. He was privileged and fortunate: unlike many people, the pandemic brought more, rather than less free time. With the seclusion, his mind regained, he began working on new music. 

The best artists are ones that are able to render diverse and complex themes into a few incredible minutes of words, melody and rhythm. apollonio’s hope is to bring the same truth to his music. 

His first release is “Moonta Bay,” a nostalgic and accepting alternative pop song about the end of a significant relationship. Days before his marriage ended, apollonio and his wife were driving through rural Australia, near her hometown. It was an exceptional and happy day, but life goes on, despite important things disappearing. You keep going and there’s sadness and then new things come. 

apollonio approached his friend, music producer and musician, Mark Andrade to see if he would help out with producing “Moonta Bay” and several others – to “Andradify” them. Mark brings his own vibe and sound to music and their goal while working together was to blend their vibes and visions. 

The artwork shows an Australian magpie. They’re incredible, playful birds with strange, digital-sounding vocalizations. You can hear magpie calls worked into the song itself. They’re dear to apollonio’s heart and connected to the themes of the song.


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