Ann Gray Shares Her Acoustic Pop Song “Grace”

Ann Gray is the talented young star who’s growing brighter by the day. She just released her latest acoustic pop single “Grace,” inspired by a previous song “Ophelia,” from her side project with her cousin called Times New Roman. “with her cousin called. “Ophelia” is about two friends leaving each other for college and “Grace” is written in Ophelia’s perspective toward her friend Grace.

“Although I myself have only just started looking at colleges and thinking about that daunting phase in my life, I had also just been directly introduced to that peculiar, bittersweet feeling as I had recently become the only kid in the house after my last sister left for college,” shares Ann Gray. “Ultimately, the line ‘growing up happens when you least expect it to’ sort of began to steer the concept of the piece. I was inspired to write it after my older sister, whom I often fought with and despised for the first couple years of my life, said that she loved me with red, crying eyes as she left. And of course, almost as if I was just realizing the truth of these words at that very moment, I said it back.”

“Grace” embraces new beginnings and reminisces about growing up. It’s sweet, beautiful, and delicate. Her voice is strong and packs a punch, something you would never expect from someone so young. She carries an Olivia Rodrigo meets Ingrid Michaelson in her voice with a Taylor Swift style in her songwriting.

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