“Hermana” is Singer/Songwriter Gia Levé’s New Latin Jazz Single

Singer/songwriter Gia Levé, has evolved her own music to reflect personal triumphs and our human struggle. She is influenced by her Kundalini and meditation teachings of mindfulness and inner strength.

She is set to release her LP, a collection of songs that reflect Gia’s intentions and values like self-love, self-acceptance, empowerment and especially speaking to women to rise up and be the best that they can. She collaborated on her first three songs that combine jazz tones with smooth Latin groove and pop sound: “Hold Me Again,” “Never Lonely,” and “Breathe with Me” with Brothers Koren and which were skillfully produced by four time Grammy award-winner, Bruce Lowe who brought a Latin vibe to the project. 

Her new single, “Hermana” reflects not only her ideas of self-empowerment, but also a rallying call for women to come together to be voices for change. Her Celine Dion or Reba McEntire voice and the Latin Jazz essence of the song enhance the feeling of unity and love.

Listen here:

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