Danny Echo Unveils “Zeros and Ones”

Vancouver-based musician Danny Echo combines brit-pop melodies, classic rock vocals with the alt-pop excitement of a SpaceX launch. 

Locked up and locked down during a particularly rainy night endlessly scrolling and clicking, Echo’s new single “Zeros and Ones” took shape on an acoustic guitar. Drawing comparisons between the weather and online world. A dystopian yet sanguine look of our modern civilization today, through the coded eyes of the internet.

Having embraced a number of projects and collaborations, including The Ryecatchers, Clementine, The Walk-Ins, and The Swimming Hammers, his debut solo single “Tomorrow Today” recorded with Jeff Dawson (Daniel Powter) and mixed by Mike Fraser (ACDC, Mother Mother) gained notoriety on local radio stations. After that initial spark, two solo albums followed.


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