AUS!Funkt Debuts “Turn To Rust”

AUS!Funkt began as an electro project by Serbian artist Jozzef Ladovina of the “Kool Rock Da Pop” band Auf Wiedersehen, which grew into two immigrants and two Canadians who found each other through a mutual love of dark electronic beats and piercing post-punk provocation, and everything in-between. 

AUS!Funkt debuts their full-length record, Turn To Rust, showcasing a diversity of genres —dark-disco, art-punk, surf, funk, darkwave, psych-rock, breakbeat—and promises more dark disco beats to come. 

The titular track signifies the end of something beautiful, and the search for hope and meaning after it’s all over. Despite the bleakness, there is still beauty in “the rust,” and belief that something new and good will come from that obsolescence.

Stream Turn To Rust, a dance record about the issues of our time: social anxiety, systematic oppression, endless information, regurgitated views, and recycled narratives.


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