Pedal Generic is “Longing” on Newest Release

Residing on the fringe of the Ottawa/Gatineau region, Pedal Generic is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter who likes to make sounds that make him feel bigger than himself. His upcoming 9-track LP, Pedagogy, is his 6th project.

The possibility of finding “the one” is such a beautiful thought. Unfortunately, to love is easier said than done and the past proves this to be true. Do you open up at the possibility of love or stay closed off at the risk of hate?   

The reminiscent and intimate single, “Longing,” is Pedal Generic’s call for love. With this song, he’s opening up his heart to the possibility of romance and using music as a way to attract a potential lover. 

You can listen in here:

The album, Pedagogy, was entirely produced, written and recorded by Pedal Generic at his home studio in Ottawa, ON. It was mixed by Mike Dubue (HILOTRONS) at Studio Cimetière in Quyon, QC, and mastered by Phil Bova at Bova Lab Studios in Ottawa, ON. 

Emotionally, it was a tough project for Pedal Generic to take on, as it has been his most honest and vulnerable work to date. Pedagogy’s theme is of an individual trying to live, love and grow in a cold world of adversity. 


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