Jesse Rivest Reveals New Single “Nostargic”

Jesse Rivest is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and self-producing artist. An observant, introspective, yet adventurous soul, his songs aren’t written seeking to effect change. However, the fact that he’s been writing and performing them for about 20 years, all the while living around the world leaving light footprints, has had an unintentional consequence. 

With his new single “Nostargic,” he draws a parallel, allured by the idea that perhaps memories are like starlight, still reaching us long after their sources have burned out. A dose of nostalgia can stone us as much as a starry sky; both are intoxicating encounters with something that once was.

The fire pit in the music video ties in with the penultimate lyric, “if I could I’d find the old spark… blow it back to life,” born out of his childhood fascination with blowing the nighttime campfire back to life in the early morning.

His next EP—and various singles after that—were produced in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, where he has lived since 2013. Before that, Rivest held a home base in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Argentina.


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