Kitt Shares the Goods on “State of Mind

Kitt is an indie soul artist in the midst of a creative rebirth. Formerly known professionally as Katherine Penfold, Kitt is ready to present her new musical persona. She creates intimate and soulful music anchored by a deep sense of self-discovery.

Her new single, “State of Mind” is a song about Kitt and her journey through depression. Even when she was young, she was very aware of her inner feelings and how different I was to the people around her. Last year, she was hearing a lot about the idea of working with one’s inner child, and Kitt almost felt like her inner child wrote this tune. You can hear her in the chorus – she’s talking to the adults around her, wishing they could help her understand her state of mind.

State of Mind” comes from Kitt’s upcoming sophomore LP of the same name. The self-produced album was created in her little one bedroom apartment in Vancouver, writing minimal music with the goal of presenting herself as an artist, in the purest form. She hopes that her music reaches her audience and can inspire them to take time for themselves and self reflect on your own presence and the impact you have on the people around you. 


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