Dread Pitt Goes “Whoa” On New Single

The 26-year-old Dutch musician, Dread Pitt has discovered his true sound in world music. Receiving inspiration from traditional music from all over the world while being mindful of its cultures, Dread Pitt aims to broaden your musical horizon by blending the traditional with the modern, the organic with the electronic, and the obscure with the familiar. 

For his single, “Whoa,” Dread Pitt was inspired by the tropical sounds of the Caribbean, with the iconic lush steel drums and rhythmic sounds of the bongo. He worked together with singer Emillienne to collaborate on the song. Within days after sending over the instrumental version, she had turned it into a fully finished recording. 

“Whoa” comes from Dread Pitt’s self-produced EP, Melting Pot (May 26). The album is a combination of tracks you wouldn’t necessarily expect together in an album. However, it’s important to release music that is made so that people can get to experience it and decide if they like it. 

Dread Pitt and his collaborators just created what felt right and what they thought would feel relatable. In the end, it’s a collection of songs from different angles and with different vibes, but still packaged together as one, hence the name, Melting Pot.


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