AGATH CHRIST Brings Bold New Single “Blood

AGATH CHRIST is a time-traveling, shape-shifting, meta-force, slipping between genres and styles while blowing up drum busses and pushing the limits of melody and noise. This is synthy, groovy, dramatic experimentalism that wears both its art music and its pop pedigrees candidly.

Evident in the dark, kinetic energy of their newest single “‘Blood,” AGATH CHRIST is capable of stunning complexity and dexterity; of dynamism and tenderness at once. The artist reveals, “I realized that I had been lacking the fearlessness that I’d wanted to work into my art. I was stunned into an emotional reckoning and I resolved to push harder into that barrier, to try and open myself to an intensity I was maybe afraid of.” 

The music in their ongoing series, Bodies, flows from extremity to extremity while highlighting a collective, cultural, human, whole. It is a reflection of the violent and emotionally devastating time we live in while celebrating the beauty and vastness of spirit possible when we indulge in our ability to be undeniably curious, attentive, and compassionate.


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