Mylo Quinn Delights with “Light”

Self-proclaimed “dread-pop” artist—better known as heavy metal musician and sci-fi author Quinn McGraw—takes his first departure from the world of heavy music as Mylo Quinn

In the form of melancholy lyrics, emotional soundscapes, and undeniable honesty, his forthcoming debut EP, Light, bears the message that ultimately we each have the ability, responsibility, and choice to break the cycle and turn our lives around.

Joel Jovan aka Joel Quartuccio of Being As An Ocean is featured on the title track, the video for which explores Mylo’s consciousness.

Mylo recounts, “There was a period in 2020 when I was reflecting a lot on my own mortality… It made me wonder whether or not I’d die with a heart full of love and passion, when the journey can sometimes leave me feeling broken down and defeated… It’s as much about temptation as it is redemption, while knowing the whole time there is no clear path forward if we can’t tap into, and listen, to our hearts.”


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