Ben Sefton Unveils “Harrison”

As a teen, Ben Sefton’s budding love of songwriting quickly developed into an obsession, fueling the creation of hundreds of unreleased songs. Driven by his deep love of earworm pop melodies and a passion for candid lyrical witticism and word play, he has effectively created a style all of his own. Backed by hours of focused guitar practice, Sefton matches his ceaseless song creation with considerable vocal and instrumental prowess.

New single, “Harrison,” is an indignant attempt at turning the private pain of a teenage misanthrope into an anthem. Sefton creates a tone of pure relatability that will bring listeners back to the days of heavy backpacks, rampant acne and unbearable anxiety. The video takes those ideas and plants them firmly through the lens of a John Hughes 80s film.


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