Jenny Berkel Reveals “You Think You’re Like the Rain”

A songwriter immersed in poetry, a poet immersed in music, Jenny Berkel’s work is an invitation into a world of relatable introspection, in which even absences can be sculpted into vividly memorable verse.

Berkel’s new single, “You Think You’re Like the Rain” is a languid piece of melodic folk, inspired by a friend who was in a heavy space. Its lyrics recognize the multitudes contained in one person: “I know you’re not the rain, though maybe you’re everything.”

This vastness is embodied within the coastal Nova Scotian landscapes that feature in the music video for “You Think You’re Like the Rain,” shot by Phyllis Rising Productions. Intimacy and closeness are at the heart of this song’s themes.

Designer Dakota Burpee provided the striking piece that Berkel wears in the video, one that simultaneously leaps out of and flows through each frame.


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