Granny Smith Unveils “Out Of My Head”

Granny Smith (also known as Jason Bhattacharya) is about to share “Out Of My Head,” a concise old school pop inspired track which reflects on the dissociative episodes Bhattacharya experienced following a series of seizures which left him in a coma.

“I wanted to express the feeling of having multiple narratives going on at once…trying to listen but your mind is telling you a thousand things,” explains Bhattacharya.

The piano fades in and the music lifts and falls to allow the song to breathe. Instead of having one continuous bassline, there are multiple basses all playing off of eachother to further express the disorienting feeling of having multiple narratives. 

Head to YouTube to watch the official music video for “Out Of My Head,” produced in collaboration with Don River, Tessa Presta, and Hossam Aboukoura.

This piece of stop motion animation follows an individual who lives in a kingdom of fruits and vegetables which is in a constant state of flux.


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