Jon Rivera Comes to Life on “Americana”

Canadian singer-songwriter, Jon Rivera (2M+ streams prior as JT Soul), re-introduces himself after a year hiatus where he changed his life and sound. After starting to take care of himself and, more notably, losing 100+ pounds, the artist took his time to figure out how he was going to grow as an artist. He now presents himself as Jon Rivera, a name derived from his own name, a homage to his Portuguese roots. 

Standing out from the typical city kid, Jon Rivera’s metropolitan upbringing leaves an unmistakable mark on his songs while his attraction for pop sonorities naturally contrast his introspective songwriting and tough yet soothing tone.

Fresh new track, “Americana,” explores the universal desire to go out and make something of yourself. We know what we want and deserve but sometimes settle for something else – not necessarily good or bad, just different.


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