Born in Italy, raised in Montreal, and having completed his university studies in Rome and Bruxelles, GION (born Gionatan Catalano) started releasing music with his first EP (Loved You Since College, Act I) in 2020.

Reflecting on a six year long relationship, his first and second EPs have been cathartic explorations of coping with love and heartbreak. GION is now readying his third EP, What We Thought We Were (Act III), which features lead single, “RUIN IT FOR THE NEXT ONE.”

“‘RIFTNO’ is the conclusion to a three part trilogy of EPs that were written about this singular relationship that when it ended, felt like the equivalent of the world ending as well,” GION explains. 

An upbeat, guitar inflected pop track with instantly singalongable lyrics, “RUIN IT FOR THE NEXT ONE” is a song which reflects on growth and moving forward.


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