Starpainter Unveils “Blood in the Snow”

Starpainter wears their influences on their sleeves, showcasing songwriting craftsmanship and an affinity for classic folk rock and alt-country tones.

Their upcoming release, Blood In The Snow, further develops a signature sound established on their debut record last year – roomy drums, melodic bass lines, tightly woven guitars and organs – subtly incorporating new sonic elements, such as nylon-string guitar, upright piano, mellotron flutes.

The EP features three interpretations of one track in order to tell three versions of one story set in a semi-fictional small town that bears a resemblance to singer-songwriter Joel Stretch’s upbringing in Alberta.

Hear “Blood In The Snow #3”: 

“[Blood In The Snow #3] is trying to deliver the delirious and bittersweet feeling of hanging on to something that used to be good but has become unhealthy,” explains Stretch.

“Everything has gone wrong at once, but you just go out and drink and hang with your friends and try to forget about it for a while instead of dealing with anything – darkness looms in the periphery but you choose to ignore it.”


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