AGATH CHRIST Comes Alive on New Release

Vocalist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist AGATH CHRIST holes up in a self-owned studio surrounded by refineries, scrap-yards and full-on class warfare waged against Montreal’s most vulnerable. In a veritable oasis of analog gear, space and time, AGATH CHRIST polishes the varied and diverse output that defies easy classification; there are too many backgrounds and interests clashing, fighting for ground between genres like pop, classical, electronica… even jazz and folk.

A phantom limb is a limb that someone still has a sensual perception of after it has been amputated; sometimes causing pain or discomfort or any other sensation long after the limb is gone. On the second track to be shared from AGATH CHRIST’s ongoing Bodies collection, the phantom limb is meaning. While grief and loss teach us that everything is transient and immaterial, we often feel nostalgic for the time when things meant something.


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