Cherry Blaster Delights with Bedroom Pop Release

Toronto’s Cherry Blaster pushes intimate bedroom pop musings into curious and full sonic dreamscapes. Brainchild of frontwoman Iulia Ciobanu, the trio explores longing and uncertainty while striking the perfect balance of closeness and detachment. 

Playful, with aggressive edges and an eccentric approach to rhythm, Cherry Blaster reveals “New Age” about self-acceptance accompanied by an all-pink, soft-sci-fi music video.

Whether the greater source of this fear was external or internal, as Iulia approached her thirties, she couldn’t shake the feeling that her “time was up” as an aspiring musician. One morning in her late 20s she woke up from a dream in which her silver hairs were turning pink and was struck by the image. She turned it into a song that extended the dream into an alternate reality where she could transform herself into a forever young cyborg. 


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