Chris Pastore Delivers a New Single, “Deliver Me” From Anticipated Come Back Album

Photo by Pixie Vision Photography

For 25 years, Chris Pastore has been writing and performing music. Right out of college, he hit the Baltimore music scene where he fronted and toured with the group Fat Apple in the late 90’s. Set to release his first album in 10 years, Turn the Music up Loud is a compilation of old songs he’s recorded over the years and new ones he’s recorded with some talented friends at the Wrightway Studios in Baltimore. “For me, songwriting is a constant, a daily routine, interactions, daydreams, struggles and jubilation, love, fate and sometimes just a good hook and a solid groove,” says Chris. “Some take years to cultivate and others come in minutes. The words and music can intertwine so simply like pieces of a puzzle when finished, stories like little voyages, then subject to the listeners interpretations and mood.”

He just dropped his new single from his upcoming album. “Deliver Me” is an acoustic  rock song with a gripping melody and a strong hook. With a musical sound that’s like the Allman Brothers meets Paul Simon meets The Grateful Dead and a voice much like John Mayer, this song is an inspirational one about facing your fears no matter how scary. His soulful, yet light vocals feel airy in contrast to his guitar, giving a feeling of being out of your own body.

“Deliver Me” acts as a musical hug to listeners who have found themselves somewhat in the dark. It’s a reminder that we have all been through moments of utter weakness and helplessness, and although it can be difficult, nightmares must be confronted, consequences must be faced, and there is a path forward. The music builds as the inspiring story unfolds, starting with a delicate acoustic guitar and ending on an orchestral crescendo.

“Deliver Me” is out now and available on all streaming services. This acoustic rock song is sure to be a hit.

You can find Chris Pastore via:
Apple Music


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