Mandolynne Goes the Distance on New Release

Hamilton trip hop artist, Mandolynne, has a new single out entitled “SCREAM.” The husky, foreboding track builds from understated to industrial, drawing inspiration from a traumatic experience that Mandolynne had while living in the foster care system.

She lived in what police refer to as a “sex cult,” which took many years of therapy and dissecting her experiences to recognize. “SCREAM” depicts Mandolynne’s experience of being groomed and disassociating from her body.

Mandoynne’s music is based on her lived experiences and serves as an extension of herself, her trauma, healing, and uprising.

Mandoynne shares:

“SCREAM” depicts being groomed and disassociating from your body. My new release is based on my personal experience with sexual assault. I know my story isn’t an isolated experience, it’s just the only one I can tell.

Women are conditioned to stay quiet and not report because it’s almost less harmful than the assault itself. All you want to do is scream, take your power back, and tell your abuser and the system to stop, but since the road to justice is trying and traumatizing, many choose silence. Though I believe there is power in coming forward, as I found with creating this song, it isn’t met without resistance and pain. Our system and its dealings with survivors of sexual trauma are inherently flawed, and this showcases what that looks and feels like when you’re on the inside.

3x Grammy Award winner David Bottrill’s (Tool, Peter Gabriel) mix takes you on a cinematic journey and Alfio Annibalini’s (Alex Lifeson, Arkells) production showcases me at my most vulnerable. I hope that with more education and survivor-centric care, a cultural shift occurs, and fewer women will have to relive their trauma.


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