Sarah Osborne Comes Alive with “Autumn Sun”

Sarah Osborne is a singer-songwriter from the west coast of Canada. Hailing from a musical family and holding a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology, this songstress and sea queen draws inspiration from folk, blues, jazz, and the weather.

Her new single, “Autumn Sun,” is a laid back, country influenced number loosely inspired by the French traditional song, “La Jument de Michao.” 

The song’s video follows two lovers who have enjoyed some end of summer romance, but one must return to their home out east, while the other must continue to work on their dreams of the artist’s life, not yet ready to settle down.

The coming of fall is welcome but it does warn us that winter is around the corner. And with that comes the hungry howl of animals in the night, including the dark nights inside of ourselves.


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  1. Thank you for sharing!

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